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What are my financial options?

We are a cash practice. We discuss your financial options with you briefly during the new patient exam and in more detail during your second visit. There are affordable options for everyone.

What is your new patient procedure?

We will have you complete new practice member paperwork as thorough as possible. The paperwork will include information on your past and current health history. Once completed, you will be given a short office tour followed by a consult with Dr. Katie. We will discuss your paperwork, current and past health concerns, and the health goals you are wanting to attain. From here, we will perform a proper and technical examination using our state of the art CLA Insight technology to assess your nervous system to target areas of stress and misalignment.

What do I expect for the 2nd visit?

For your next visit we will sit down to discuss our report of findings including analysis of your CLA scans, x-rays and results of your comprehensive examination. We will then discuss your individualized care plan and financial options.

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